Arasaa Chapter 4

Here it is, my new project.


A Familiar Story

In my previous life (long story short), [Flowers Blooming in the Snow] was a popular manga.
The name of the main character was Relleru Goldoni.

In a world of magic, the commoner-born Relleru had been blessed with strong magical powers.
This was extremely rare because normally, if one was born with strong magic, they were either of royal birth or from a high-class aristocratic family.

Possessing magic was very convenient, and if an individual’s talent for magic should exceed a certain level, the enrollment fee to learn magic at Lukeson Academy would be fully waived.
When she turned 16 years old, Relleru enrolled at Lukeson Academy.

However, this was a nationally-acclaimed academy.
This meant that almost all of the students were either of royal blood or nobility. It was often that such high rank personas despised those born of low rank.

The existence of a commoner with such strong magic would invite the envy of others, which, sooner or later, would lead to bullying and harassment.

But even though Relleru had great magical powers, she was still able to learn magic in an undisturbed manner in a quiet corner of the school building. This was only possible mainly due to her low-key and timid disposition.

But the truth of the matter was, as the daughter of a florist, when flowers are involved, her personality will do a total 180. This special trait of hers was a part of her character setting.

So, as foreshadowed, before Relleru’s eyes, the flowers were trampled on by the most influential person in the school, Crown Prince Ricardo Yunguna.

Ricardo’s atrocities enraged Relleru and, as a result, the reckless words spewed in the heat of the moment led to a magic duel.

The magic duel, like its name implies, is a duel using magic. However, it was normally held between two men.

Even though she’s the same girl he’ll eventually fall in love with, he currently doesn’t like her.

The school was in an uproar as the participants were members of the opposite sex as well as on opposite sides of the spectrum of hierarchy.
Large sums of money would be wagered on this event.

Initially, Relleru spent a majority of her time crying as she realized she had committed a serious offense.
However, the way her precious flowers had been treated, she was motivated to crush Ricardo.
Towards this duel against Ricardo, Relleru was fiercely determined.

And so, three men, who were also enrolled in Lukeson Academy, decided to lend a helping hand to Relleru.

One of the them was a man named Levin Fitzroy.
His hair was as if it had been splashed with red tea, the scars on his muscular arms oozed wild charm, and his eyes were rather hostile.

Although he is a low-class noble, he originated from the royal family and thus has inherited their strong magical powers. He is also very popular in the academy due to his handsome appearance.

Since the beginning, Levin did not like Ricardo. And since he took a liking to Relleru, he decided to help her gain equal footing with Ricardo.

Levin, being from an impoverished home, had experienced a wide variety of things.
The only reason for his influence is due to the way he uses and manipulates magic.
Under Levin’s guidance, Relleru’s originally strong magic power grew even stronger.

Levin was the impulsive type and easily blurt things out without thinking.
He was very experienced with women, and was accustomed in the ways of making love.
And yet, for some reason he was like a kid who hadn’t yet reached puberty when it came to the girl he liked.

But even though he liked Relleru, he wasn’t able to express his feelings, and ultimately he lost to his love rival, Ricardo.

Ricardo’s fan book was top in its sales which showed his popularity.
However, compared to Ricardo’s blessed life and innate talents, Levin had struggled in an effort to reach a high degree of magic power, which earned favor among his fans who were around the age of 17.

Continuing, carefully and steadily.
While thinking about the story, I realized that I was meaninglessly continuing to walk. What am I doing in this kind of place? As I returned to my senses, I was being greeted by a multitude of servants.

[…Iya, the name is the same, but just because it’s the same…]

Now that I mention it, the name and appearance in the manga was similar.
It may not be the same story, but it might still be interesting even if it isn’t.

I just had a bit of an interesting idea pop up. Iya Iya, that’s impossibiru, I tsukkomi’d.
But just to be sure, I’ll try asking one of the passing servants for the name of our Crown Prince.

[The name of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was it? It is Ricardo Yunguna-sama.]

As if that wasn’t surprising enough? To the busy servant, I give my thanks for supplying the information.
So, the name of the prince is Ricardo Yunguna.


Well, since his name exists.
I asked a passing servant whether a National Magic Academic Institute also exists in this country.

[I wonder what will become of Lukeson Academy?]

…I’ll just sip some tea.

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30 thoughts on “Arasaa Chapter 4

  1. Thank you for the chapter. Hmm, interesting; somehow, that’s not how I pictured Levin. And I love her attitude here.


    1. That’s not how I pictured Levin either so I thought that my translation might have been wrong. But when I think about it again, this author has really bad naming sense.

      Edit: I thought Relleru was a boy the whole time I was translating this until I realized this was a shoujo manga not a BL manga. Because Rebel popped up in MTL so I decided to go with Revel. When I learned she was a girl, had to change it. (For me names give first impressions; the name Levin sounded like a serious brown haired guy.)


  2. Yay!! Chapter 4!! Thank you so much for picking this up!!

    I’d link/announce the new chapter on my blog, but my wifi is being wonky right now. Not that I couldn’t use my phone WordPress app (since I’m on it right now) but my Internet is SUPER slow and I’ve had some problems with it before so I don’t want to risk anything. ;-; I’ll do it ASAP as soon as my Internet is fixed!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!! \(^o^)/~~~


  3. Thank you for picking it up!
    The story is rather slow so I’m really looking forward to the rest kkk
    Thanks for the chapter, TL-san~


  4. Um… So I’m a bit confused? The chapters in mojotranslations have her name as Tiarela… But in this, her name is Relleru??? I’m confuzzled. So was she talking about the same person, or did she get a different name or something? Or is it just the translated name different? And why is no one else asking this question?!
    Uh, anyway, thanks for picking this up. I really appreciate it~ xD


    1. Oh, wait. Whoops…. Yeah, I got this now. I just realized she was a side character. But wow. From just randomly reading this chapter, it was so adrupt I was confused… Anyway, sorry for my misunderstanding xP


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